I'm voting yes, but I don't want to.

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This plebiscite on same sex marriage has divided society in a depressingly predictable way. The loudest voices have consulted their ideological camp leaders, ingested the slogans, and regurgitated them on queue to the ravenous reporters; satiated only by sound bites. Why do same sex couples want to get married? If they want to be recognised from a Christian perspective then this is a matter for the church, or should be. If they are seeking equality in the eyes of the law then this is the exclusive domain of the state… or should be.

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I don’t remember a time when people were particularly civil to each other whilst arguing in the public arena. Question Time in Australia is a shameful farce. The majority of its late night viewers are inebriated students watching ironically, possibly playing drinking games based on how often the politicians interrupt each other. (A very effective way to initiate young Australians into our binge drinking culture whilst simultaneously engendering that potent mix of apathy and indignation that makes this country so… but i digress.

Google isn't Evil, you're just doing it wrong.


Do you remember digital hygiene? Don’t use ‘password’ as your password, don’t write it down and affix it to your monitor, don’t keep your pin in your wallet. What ever happened to this? It seems like as the list of dirty places that needed our attention grew - deleting cookies, blocking javascript, changing your security settings etc. eventually we reached a point when we said ‘Wait, I have to wash myself there as well?