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Simon Berman is a serial tech entrepreneur and founder of Kosmonotes, an AI driven research, authoring and collaboration tool for students. With a background in computer art, Simon has gone on to formalise his software engineering skills through postgraduate and self directed studies in IT and Computer Science. It is through his work as a professional artist that Simon deepened his knowledge of software and technology. This playful and experimental approach has inculcated in him a deep belief that anything can be accomplished with a combination of creativity, imagination, intelligence, application, organisation and determination.

With a view to more holistically master applied creativity, Simon’s studies moved beyond the technical realm into entrepreneurship, business and leadership, which he sees as just as vital to bringing something new into existence as any of the traditionally valued skills. His studies of entrepreneurship led him to be accepted into the 2nd Massachusetts Institute of Technology Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp where he led his team through to the finals. The intensity of the camp led to a new understanding of his role as a leader; that real leadership is not something people grab at for their own self-aggrandizement but an altruistic and service oriented endeavour. It is with this knowledge that Simon was able to fully embrace the opportunities that he created and was presented with subsequent to the bootcamp and serves as a distinct orientation point in his daily journey.

The strong bond that Simon forged with the MIT bootcamp family led to him to Seoul, South Korea, where he attended a second bootcamp as an alumni, and then to having the honor of being asked to become an official mentor, a role he performed for the first time at the Australian Bootcamp held in Brisbane in early 2017.

Simon’s passion is the creative application of technology, be it hammers, nails or cloud computing, to solving specific problems. He thrives in a dedicated and passionate team, guiding, focussing and driving them all towards innovative and non-obvious solutions. He believes that there is a tool for every job, but sometimes you need to invent that first.

Simon Berman was born and lives in Melbourne Australia, is an award winning artist, musician and inventor, NASA datanaut, Mensan, mentor, yogi, MMA neophyte and dog lover.

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